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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff.

Can ATS setup WIFI in my home?

Advanced Tech Solutions will install the best quality product(s) at the lowest possible cost. We don't beleive in making profit on parts, so we sell them at cost! No more markups like every other business!

ATS is here to serve you. Not to profit from hardware sales.

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How does ATS charge for Technical Home Services?

NO more hourly fees! 
Advanced Tech Solutions has set fees for virtually ALL technical services.  Click here for Pricing!

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If services that I require are not listed on this website, can ATS still help me?

ATS CAN support your EVERY Technical need!  Please contact us if you require additional service needs. 

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I have multiple offices, am I able to connect each one to eachother?

ATS will provide hardware & software configuration to interconnect as many locations as you require with a technology called VPN (Virtual Private Networking). This is a very small investment with immediate ROI (Return on Investment) to help improve your businesses productivity.

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If my computer crashes, can data still be recovered?

About 90% of the time, ATS will be able to recover most data that you may require. We are well known for preforming miracles :-).

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Does ATS charge a minimum fee for Technical Services?

Geek Squad
charges $229.00, but ATS continues to keep our promise: Cheaper pricing!  ATS will charge only $129.00. That's almost HALF the cost! But it gets even better! If total cost exceeds $129.00, each additional item is applied as a discounted rate.

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